April 16, 2012

First Accessory Shoot!

My girls, Tia and Evita, and I have been needing more work to showcase in our portfolio. So we decided to do an accessory shoot with a "Coachella" concept with looks pulled together to wear during summer music festivals. We were inspired by bloggers who I believe are the trendsetters in fashion today. This is project is laid out as a six page spread that would be seen in magazines like Nylon, Teen Vogue, or Seventeen Magazine. Enjoy!

Styling: Tia-Marie / Evita / Stephanie Anne
Photography / Layout: Stephanie Anne

April 10, 2012

Rachel Zoe's Fall Ready For Me to Wear 2012

I'm currently researching some F/W 2012 collections as inspiration for my upcoming photoshoot for my Styling class. Here are some of my favorite looks:

You can find the complete collection here.

April 8, 2012


I just recently started my last quarter at FIDM last week and have mixed feelings about the workload, in a good way! I'm trying my best to stay cool and calm throughout it all with careful planning and execution. I want to be able to build my portfolio throughout this quarter as well, for I have to present my final portfolio to a panel by the end of the quarter. This means I need to cram more side projects along with all my major projects in other classes!

I'm most excited for Fashion Styling because we have to do a team test shoot, individual shoot, and accessory shoot. I love hands on work because I feel like I learn much better and quicker, especially through mistakes that may come along. Look out for more posts regarding my styling class because I for sure want to record my first experiences through professional photoshoots.

I only have one side project currently in production which is wedding prints and small decor for my uncle and aunt who are getting married in August. They're a fun couple who enjoy the outdoors, including biking and snowboarding. They both are quirky and have and "Anthro" type of style which is very fun to work with. We are currently waiting on paper supplies to print from home and assemble invitations I designed in the passed few weeks. My uncle, who is also a photographer and videographer, also wants me to design a logo for him to include in his work. You can check him out at http://1derbreadpictures.com/. I'm excited to collaborate on future projects with him because working on his invites were so much fun! 

Custom Designs by Stephanie Anne

So I had a quick talk with one of my girls, Carol, who suggested I create custom designs for all the things I like to create since I like doing it all. It's funny how I know my capabilities, but my friends know my potential more than I do. I figured that I'll start doing small projects on the side which include iPhone cases (like above, with charms), distressed/studded denim garments, jewelry, graphics, and prints.

I'll be posting up my work and maybe even DIY tutorials to share. I look forward to engaging my creativity in small personal items for friends and people who share the same interests! Check back soon for upcoming projects :)

If you are interested in any custom designs, feel free to contact me through commenting below.