February 28, 2012

NCLA X Melody Ehsani

I used to be on the nail game back in high school, I was a real OG! But then I got too busy to be changing my nails twice a week. My nails are always did, but I think I need some of this to spice up my swag a bit.

I get around Look Book: MCLA x Melody EhsaniMoney Green Look Book: MCLA x Melody EhsaniI dont play nice Look Book: MCLA x Melody Ehsani
Eye See You Look Book: MCLA x Melody Ehsani

Revisting 70's Fashion

I'm doing a project on the 70's decade for one of my classes. My instant thoughts of 70's fashion is ugly print, horrible color schemes, terrible hair, and jeans I would never wear. Though some fashions aren't quite my style in this particular era, I see the inspiration and trends found in todays fashion that I would totally still wear. Here's some images I found through research that I found still hella swaggy! Thank you 70's fashion for the maxi dresses, skirts, hot pants, and high waisted everything <3
1974 pics  1974-2-schw-0020.jpg

1974 pics  1974-2-schw-0017.jpg

1974 gallery  1974-2-schw-0014.jpg
1970s mini skirts  1973-1-qu-0013.jpg
1970s mini skirts  1973-1-qu-0042.jpg
1970s mini skirts  1973-1-qu-0045.jpg

source: http://www.fashion-pictures.com/


With school almost at its end, I've been beginning to overanalyze and doubt myself. I have already made the decision that I will be successful so I just remind myself that I have to start somewhere. It's the only way to make it up. I also have to remind myself that although I have not been attending events or interning due to my busy schedule at school, I do have connections and I have been networking. I've done a few side projects here and there so I just need to continue to be on the lookout for any opportunity.

I've decided to commit myself to this blog to share things I love, what I do, and random thoughts all to keep myself inspired and motivated to succeed. As of right now, I have to move on to some homework! There's only two weeks of school left, no sweat.